Black Friday in Kitsap: How to Score Big Savings This November in Bremerton, WA

Black Friday in Kitsap: How to Score Big Savings This November

Mike Columbus's Blog | Black Friday in Kitsap: How to Score Big Savings This November

It's Black Friday in Kitsap County WA

Black Friday has long been associated with incredible deals on electronics, clothing, and household items. But did you know that Black Friday is also an excellent time to find substantial savings on a new car? That's right, automakers and dealerships alike are getting in on the Black Friday frenzy, offering special promotions and discounts to entice shoppers to drive home in a brand-new vehicle. As your Car Sales Professional here in Kitsap County I have outlined some ways you can make the most of Black Friday car sales to score big savings this November.

  1. Start Researching Early - To make the most of Black Friday car sales, start your research well in advance. Begin by identifying the type of car you're interested in, your budget, and your must-have features. Use online resources, such as manufacturer websites and automotive forums, to compare models, read reviews, and gather pricing information. Being well-informed will help you make a more educated decision when the deals start rolling in.
  2. Look for Manufacturer Incentives - Many automakers offer special Black Friday incentives to attract buyers. These incentives may include cash rebates, low-interest financing, or discounted lease rates. Keep an eye on the official websites of car manufacturers and subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated on any Black Friday promotions they might be offering. These manufacturer incentives can significantly lower the overall cost of your new car.
  3. Check Dealership Promotions - In addition to manufacturer incentives, dealerships often run their own Black Friday promotions. These may include discounts on specific models, bonus accessories, extended warranties, or special financing options. Visit local dealerships, both in person and online, to see what deals they're offering. Don't hesitate to contact me at West Hills Honda in Kitsap in advance to inquire about their Black Friday offers and schedule a test drive.
  4. Consider Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Cars - If you're open to buying a used car, consider Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. These cars are typically low-mileage, late-model vehicles that have undergone a rigorous inspection process to meet manufacturer standards. CPO cars often come with extended warranties, roadside assistance, and other perks, making them an attractive and budget-friendly option. Black Friday sales can bring additional discounts to CPO vehicles, providing even more savings.
  5. Negotiate Wisely - Once you've found the car you want and a Black Friday deal that suits your budget, it's time to negotiate. Be polite but firm, and be ready to make a deal that works for you. As your car sales professional, I know how important this part of the car buying experience is.
  6. Read the Fine Print - Carefully review all the terms and conditions of the sale to make sure you understand what you are signing. Pay attention to the warranty coverage, any additional fees, and the return policy. Ensure that the Black Friday deal aligns with your expectations and that you fully understand what you're getting into.

Black Friday car sales offer a fantastic opportunity to drive home in a new or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle while saving big. By conducting thorough research, keeping an eye out for manufacturer and dealership promotions, considering CPO cars, negotiating wisely, and reading the fine print, you can make the most of the Black Friday deals available this November. Don't miss out on the chance to score significant savings and upgrade your ride this holiday season!

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